Risk Management

Risk Management

The backbone of Syndr is our risk engine. Post initial validation, all incoming orders, block-trades, withdrawals first get sent directly to the risk engine before any further processing.

Custody of User funds

Syndr is a non-custodial exchange and does not take custody of any user funds.

  • All user fund deposits remain in the custody of on-chain smart contracts
  • Non-custodial access: User is always in complete control of their assets.
  • Withdrawals from the exchange can only be done the account owner via an onchain transaction.
  • All withdrawals must first clear the risk engine to account for the current state of user's portfolio.


Syndr uses incremental liquidations striving for a healthy margin factor + delta-neutral portfolio.

Platform Limits

Price bands, Confidence intervals & limits w.r.t to Platform index prices, mark prices, rolling trading volumes and well as current order

Open Orders

Order sizes

Option IVs & greeks

Max positions sizes w.r.t overall platform state

Insurance fund