Trading Info

Trading Fees

Syndr uses a maker-taker fee model for determining trading fees.

There are two types of orders on Syndr — Maker and Taker orders.

  • Maker orders are orders that do not immediately fill and rest on the order book — these orders add depth and liquidity to the order book.
  • Taker orders, on the other hand, immediately cross existing Maker orders. They remove liquidity from the order book.


Maker FeesTaker Fees
ETH Options0.03% of notional0.05% of notional
BTC Options0.03% of notional0.05% of notional

note: Options fees can never be higher than 12.5% of the options price.


Maker FeesTaker Fees
ETH Perp0.02%0.05%
BTC Perp0.02%0.05%


Maker FeesTaker Fees
ETH Futures0.02%0.05%
BTC Futures0.02%0.05%

Settlement Fees

Futures(Dated) and options are charged a settlement fee at expiry. The daily options and weekly futures are exempt from delivery fees.

Settlement Fees
BTC/ETH Weekly Futures0%
ETH/BTC Futures0.025%
BTC/ETH Daily Options0%
BTC/ETH Options0.015%

Liquidation Fees

Syndr charges a liquidation fees every time a user gets liquidated. The liquidation fees is represented as a % of the notional amount for the liquidated position.

Liquidation Fee
ETH Futures1%
BTC Futures0.8%
ETH Perps1%
BTC Perps0.8%
ETH Options0.02%
BTC Options0.02%

Deposits + Withdrawals

Free except network gas fee