DeFi derivative platforms available today are powered by lagging infrastructure which makes them slow, capitally inefficient & non-scalable. The end user experience of trading derivatives onchain is much worse as compared to Centralized exchanges.

Onchain AMM risk engines are fragile and don’t know how to price non-linear derivatives like options. Consequently, there are no liquid markets for options onchain anywhere in DeFi.

Lack of capital efficiency has led to a fragmentation of liquidity and as a result Institutional adoption for DeFi remains low.


Syndr offers a single venue for trading Options, Perps, Futures & Structured products with low latency and high capital efficiency.

We use a hybrid infrastructure model combining an offchain limit orderbook with a custom layer-3 rollup for settlements.

This infrastructure is combined with a robust margining system(Standard Cross-margin + Portfolio margin) to enable high-capital efficiency trading as well as native block-trading for institutions.